Standard Monochromators

These are high-performance monochromators employing a Czerny-Turner configuration which realizes high-throughput and high-resolution spectral measurements. Four models are available with focal lengths of 15 cm, 30 cm, 50 cm, and 75 cm. Multiple input/output ports and diffraction gratings can be configured, and multi-channel detectors such as CCD cameras and single-point detectors such as PMTs can be mounted to accommodate a wide range of applications. In addition to light sources and detectors, a wide range of accessory options such as sample chambers and special optics are also available to assemble a variety of spectroscopy instruments.

Focal length (mm)150300500750
Relative aperturef/4.2f/3.9f/6.5f/9.7
Optical configurationC-T
Mechanical scanning range (nm)0-9000-1200
Resolution (nm)
Reciprocal Dispersion (nm/mm)
Wavelength Accuracy (nm)±0.25±0.2
Wavelength Repeatability (nm)±0.1±0.1
Step size(nm)0.010.005
Focal Plane area (mm)25(W)×10(H)25(W) ×14(H)
Optical axis height (mm)134
SlitWidth: 0.01-3mm (can be adjusted continually), optional motorized slit .
Height: Optional 2,4,10,14mm.
Grating size (mm)32×3268×68
Grating turretDualTriple
Outline (mm)190×200×158360×260×195550×288×195800×338×195
Weight (kg)5152233
InterfaceUSB2.0,optional RS-232