Portable Raman Analyzer

The EnSpectr R532® is a unique instrument that combines high experimental performance with the convenience of a portable probe system. It is ideal for Raman analysis where high precision data acquisition is essential.

Intuitive user interface

Real-time and accurate identification of unknown substances is done by comparison to reference Raman spectra in spectral databases. The EnSpectr R532® can measure through the walls of sealed bags, clear bottles, vials, and ampoules. Easy to use, compact, lightweight, and one-handed, it allows on-the-spot measurement of chemicals. Results are displayed within seconds and can be accessed via an intuitive user interface. Data is imported to a PC via Bluetooth or USB.


  • Reliable results within seconds.
  • Comprehensive quality inspection for non-contact material and tag identification through transparent and colored glass or translucent plastic packaging is possible.
  • Users can detect substances and tags with high sensitivity and no special skills are required.


Pharmacy, chemical processes, medical diagnostics, forensic science, gemology, geology/mineralogy, environmental science, food and agricultural analysis, semiconductors and solar cells