Single -Channel Detector

Many single-channel detector options are available, including PMTs. A variety of scanning systems covering a wide wavelength range from UV to IR can be constructed.

Multi-Channel CCD Detectors

The multi-channel CCD/InGaAs detector is a highly sensitive detector developed for spectral measurements. You can choose from a variety of measurement conditions from UV to IR.

TypeBack illuminatedBack illuminatedBack illuminated
Number of Pixels1024×1221024×1221024×255
Pixel Size24μm×24μm12μm×12μm26μm×26μm
Full Well Capacity320 ke-/pixel75 ke-/pixel500 ke-/pixel
Cooling (from 20℃ ambient)-15℃-15℃-40℃
Dark Current1.5e- / pixel / sec0.8e- / pixel / sec0.17e- / pixel / sec
Quantum Efficiency@600nm0.93~.900.95
Quantum Efficiency@900nm0.550.50.4

Model Selection

Sensor TypeBack-illuminated
open-electrode structureInGaAsInGaAs
Number of Pixels1024×2551024×255512×1256×1
Pixel Size26μm×26μm26μm×26μm50μm×500μm50μm×500μm
Full Well Capacity700 ke-/pixel300 ke-/pixel130,000 ke-/pixel130,000 ke-/pixel
Cooling (from 20℃ ambient)-40℃-40℃-10℃-10℃
Dark Current29.17e- / pixel / sec0.04e- / pixel / sec9,000e- / pixel / sec9,000e- / pixel / sec
Quantum Efficiency@600nm0.750.42
Quantum Efficiency@900nm0.70.350.8@1.4μ0.8@1.4μ