The latest models 180i/320i are imaging spectrometers with a high-throughput Czerny-Turner configuration. Astigmatism correction allows multi-track real-time measurements with a CCD camera, and the USB interface allows easy Plug & Play control from a PC. A wide variety of accessories such as light sources, input/output optics, and detectors can be used for a wide range of applications.

Focal Length:180mm320mm
Aperture Ratios:F/3.9F/4.1
Spectral Resolution:0.35nm(1,200g/mm) @435.83nm0.08nm(1,200g/mm) @435.83nm
Spatial Resolution:600μm100μm
Wavelength Accuracy:<±0.25mm(1,200g/mm)<±0.25mm(1,200g/mm)
Wavelength Repeatability:<±0.1mm(1,200g/mm)<±0.1mm(1,200g/mm)
Grating Size:40×40mm68×68mm
Grating Mount:Dual grating turretInterchangeable triple grating turret
Focal Plane Size:30mm×10mm30mm×10mm
Operating Temperature:5℃-35℃5℃-35℃
Operating Humidity:<75%<75%