GaiaSorter Gaia Hyperspectral Sorter System

System Overview

The core components of the GaiaSorter system include homogeneous light source, spectral camera, electronically controlled moving platform (or belt), computer and software.

The light source illuminates the sample placed on the moving platform and then the reflected light from the sample is captured by a spectral camera to obtain a one-dimensional image and spectral information. The samples move continuously on the moving platform, thus obtaining continuous one-dimensional images and real-time spectral information.

All data are recorded by computer software, and finally triaxial data including image and spectral information are obtained. By analyzing the data, information necessary for sorting such as moisture, acidity, and sugar content of fruits and vegetables can be obtained, enabling automatic sorting of the objects.


  • Hyperspectral imaging is a fully automated food sorting process with high spectral resolution.
  • Quality assurance of fruits and vegetables: moisture, sugar acidity, blemishes, bruises, metamorphosis, residual bone
  • Hypersorting: color, shape, size of fruits and vegetables
  • Qualitative analysis of pesticide residues
  • Batch processing for foreign material detection
  • Waste sorting
  • Non-staining and non-destructive inspection is possible.

Hyperspectral Camera

Gaia series hyperspectral cameras, configured with a transmission imaging spectrometer and a high-sensitivity detector, are used in a wide range of applications such as target recognition, camouflage and counterfeit research applications, environmental research fields such as terrestrial object telemetry and marine telemetry, crop growth condition monitoring, and pest monitoring, fruit vegetable maturation monitoring.