This is a no-waste service that allows you to complete your system by purchasing only the items you need using your own microscopes and light sources.

We will meet with you from the beginning and complete the entire system to meet your requested specifications.

We will jointly apply for system development budget for research.

Case 1 Example of a portable Raman analyzer attached to an existing microscope

Microscope after installation of Raman spectrometer
Microscopic Raman spectrum of ruthenium oxide

Data provided by Tsukuba Research Laboratory, Stanley Electric Co.

Case 2 Infrared fluorescence measurement system (900 nm - 3200 nm)

Infrared fluorescence spectroscopy of solution samples in a cuvette

Appearance of the infrared fluorescence spectrometer
Infrared absorption and fluorescence spectra of quantum dots

Data provided by Department of Materials Production Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University

Case 3 UV-Visible photoluminescence imaging microscope system

Appearance of the UV-Visible photoluminescence imaging microscope system
Comparison of PL spectra of 4H-SiC before and after thermal oxidation and image

Data provided by Dr. Yaguchi, Faculty of Science, Saitama University