Optogenetics is one of the most interesting research fields today.
Our product is the most proven system in Japan for optogenetics research.

Configuration Diagram of Free-Moving System

System configuration diagram for anesthesia fixation experiment

Component Device

  • schedule stimulator
  • light source
  • optical swivel
  • disposable fiber
  • parking swivels
  • Stand for optical swivels
  • Power meter for stimulation light
  • Fiber for direct cannula introduction
  • Stimulation site finding device, ATTA Finder
  • monitor camera
  • digital recorder
  • Slip ring for optical swivel
  • optical system and detector, MM Scope

Low-cost, high-power light source for optogenetics

Our optogenetics light sources are low cost, high power, and are especially effective when using thin fibers such as 200 μm fiber. It is possible to output two colors of excitation light independently and densely to stimulate channelrhodopsin (blue) and halorhodopsin (orange or red) or alclodopsin (green). Stimulus output can be controlled and pulsed by an external analog square wave signal.

Optical Swivel

Fiber entanglement prevention parts for free-moving optogenetics

Optical swivels are the anti-tangle components of fibers that are essential for free-moving optogenetics. The swivels smoothly rotate in accordance with the movement of the experimental animal while coupling the optical fiber for light stimulation , contributing to a reduction in the burden on the animal and damage to the fiber. Optical swivels were developed under the supervision of Dr. Yamanaka of Nagoya University (formerly of the Institute of Physiological Sciences). Our optical swivels are currently used by a number of researchers and has been introduced in papers. Optical swivel is registered trademark of Lucir Inc.

Model name: COME2-UFC
[Standard type]
Model name: COME2-UFC-2
[Bilateral high brightness type]
Model name: COME2-UFC-P
[Breeding type]

Slip Ring

Electrophysiological slip ring for free-moving optogenetics

This slip ring is essential for electrophysiological measurements under free-moving optogenetics. It has a hollow structure to maintain a common rotation center with the optical swivel.

Model name: COME2-SLR
(6-pole type or 8-pole type)
Model name: COME2-UFC-S
[Dedicated stand]
Installation pattern on special stand
Installation pattern on special stand

Stimulator for Optogenetics

Programmable schedule stimulator can control pulses for light stimulation and light intensity required for optogenetics light sources on any schedule. The stimulator has independent output channels for two-color light stimulation. In addition, it has another two independent outputs for camera recording control and electrophysiology recording control. Schedules can be easily created in Excel files, and multiple files can be executed sequentially. Longer schedules are also possible, such as for experiments lasting several days.

Model name: COME2-SST-1 (includes a dedicated small PC with software application installed and a dongle key)

Main fiber and disposable fiber for optogenetics

The optical fiber used to guide light to experimental animals. The main fiber connects the light source to the optical swivel. Disposable fiber connects the optical swivel to the animal. It is necessary to select the main fiber depending on the type of disposable fiber. Nowadays, there are various demands for animal-side fibers depending on the experimental purpose. We can make special orders if necessary, so please feel free to contact us.

[ Standard Disposable Fiber ]

Model name: COME2-DF1-500 500μm Single

Model name: COME2-DF2-500 500μm Double

Model name: COME2-DF1-250 250μm Single

Model name: COME2-DF2-250 500μm Double

Peripherals for optogenetics

power meter/goggles

Peripheral equipment for safely and accurately performing optogenetics experiments.

Model name: COME2-LPM-NOVA
[Power meter]
Model name: COME2-LG-λ(wavelength)
[Laser goggles]