Manufacturer-borderless control software for spectroscopy


The software enables control of CCD detectors and monochromators/spectrographs, the main components of a spectroscopy system, in various combinations, transcending the boundaries between manufacturers. By taking advantage of the features of each manufacturer, we can assemble the best system for your research theme. We can also assemble a spectroscopy system required for a new experimental theme with a minimum budget by effectively utilizing your valuable assets.

Main Specifications

  • CCD detector control: exposure time, integration count, ROI, spectral count/file, cooling temperature, etc.
  • Monochromator/spectrograph control: grating selection, output port selection
  • Center wavelength control, slit width control (option), etc.
  • Data processing: save, readout, file format conversion
  • Calculation functions: BG cancellation and tilt correction function, wavelength calibration, sensitivity correction, peak wavelength search, etc.

Compatible Devices

CCD Detectors
Teledyne Princeton Instruments
 Andor Technology
Monochromators / Spectrographs
Teledyne Princeton Instruments
Andor Technology

All of the above, in combination, can be controlled

(Note) The control condition is to have a 64-bit driver and the hardware must operate normally.